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Youthful Enthusiasm is Irrepressible!

Or is it? In a world dominated by impersonal, machine-like forces (the drive for ever-greater efficiency, ever-greater 'competitiveness') what is there to be enthusiastic about?
The Common Task wants to offer young people a different perspective.

Indian girlFor example, we'd like to improve the teaching of humanities in the home and in schools.

The Curriculum Project will propose readings and methodologies for the teaching of literature (and other humanities) at the middle and high school levels.

We are also developing summer youth retreats focused on the experience and practice of beauty--from the beauty of place to the beauty of traditional art to the beauty of the human spirit.

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Photo credits: (Top) Permission of D.Y. Wang. (Middle) Snapshot from the American film Napoleon Dynamite. (Bottom) Permission of Karen Halverson.